Instructions For Editors

Editors of Journal of Skin Cancer Case Reports are experts in their respective fields and are responsible for the peer review process and the content of the journal. Their role is to handle the peer review of manuscripts, make recommendation on the acceptance or rejection of a paper and attract high-quality submissions. As an editor for this journal, there are certain instructions you need to follow to ensure the quality and consistency of the published articles.

• Submission Guidelines: Familiarize yourself with the submission guidelines provided by the journal. These guidelines outline the format, structure, and style requirements for the articles. Make sure all submissions adhere to these guidelines.

• Peer Review Process: Understand the peer review process followed by the journal. This involves sending the submitted articles to experts in the field for evaluation and feedback. As an editor, you will be responsible for selecting appropriate reviewers and managing the review process.

• Plagiarism Check: Use plagiarism detection software to check for any instances of plagiarism in the submitted articles. Plagiarism can undermine the integrity of the journal, so it is important to ensure that all articles are original and properly cited.

• Language and Grammar: Pay attention to language and grammar in the submitted articles. Edit the manuscripts for clarity, coherence, and grammatical correctness. Ensure that the language used is appropriate for an academic journal.

• Formatting and Style: Verify that all articles are formatted according to the journal's guidelines. This includes font style and size, headings, citations, references, and any other specific formatting requirements.

• Ethical Considerations: Ensure that all articles comply with ethical considerations, such as obtaining informed consent for patient photographs or ensuring privacy and confidentiality. Reject any articles that raise ethical concerns.

• Timely Communication: Maintain timely communication with authors, reviewers, and the editorial board. Inform authors about the status of their submissions and provide feedback from the reviewers in a timely manner.

Note: If you're interested in contributing your expertise, please share your CV/Resume and Photograph to: editor.jsccr@salfordpublishers.org