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  • Nephrology Case Reports

    Nephrology Case Reports

    Nephrology Case Reports

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    International Journal of Nephrology

    The journal of nephrology aims to market rigorous analysis findings within the field of clinical medical specialty concerning excretory organ diseases, associated novel medical specialty developments and clinical analysis. International journal of nephrology & excretory organ Case Reports primarily focuses on the topics, however not restricted to: Pediatric medicine

    Pediatric Nephrology

    It is the division of medicine that's specialised within the designation and treatment of youngsters with acute and chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease, hematuria, albuminuria, urinary organ hollow pathology, renal lithiasis, Bright's disease and failure. It to boot takes care of medicine patients with end-stage nephrosis, patients undergoing serosa chemical analysis, haemodialysis and follow-up care when excretory organ transplantation.

    Kidney Diseases

    As we all know that kidneys take away waste products from our body through excrement with the assistance of nephrons, the small structures given inside kidneys that filter the blood. Most of the diseases attack nephrons, that makes kidneys unable to get rid of wastes and therefore resulting in diseases. The diseases are of 2 sorts, acute and chronic diseases.

    Diabetic nephrosis

    Nephropathy implies excretory organs upset or damaged. Diabetic nephrosis is harmful to your kidneys led to by polygenic disorder. In extreme cases it will prompt excretory organ harm. The kidneys have many small blood vessels that filter waste from your blood. High blood glucose from polygenic disorder will destroy these blood vessels. Over time, the excretory organ is not able to do its job also resulting in renal disorder.

    Treatment for urinary organ Diseases

    When the illness attacks nephrons, the kidneys fail to figure. counting on the underlying cause, some varieties of nephrosis will be treated. However, urinary organ injury will still worsen in a few cases. In such cases the treatment complications will embrace high pressure medications, medications to lower sterol levels, medications to treat anemia, dialysis, urinary organ transplant, etc.


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